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What people say: feedback on my marketing activities over the years

customer experience feedback marketing Jan 20, 2021

I have the pleasure of being a Fellow of the Institute of Data and Marketing. What that means is that I have been working in marketing for a long time now and have a broad range of marketing experience! I've worked for a range of brands and sizes of organisations but always made an effort to deliver my best work.

Over the past few years, my focus has been on organisations making a positive difference - with a focus on wellbeing and learning. But my life in marketing didn't start there, but started almost 20 years ago.

Here are some thoughts from some of my line managers and people I have worked with along the way:

Association for Coaching

I worked at the Association for Coaching to review their membership programme and make recommendations after speaking with their organisational members.

"Vicky is passionate about making a difference to customers (members) by delivering exceptional customer experiences. Her depth of knowledge across a wide range of areas and industries enables her to rapidly pick things up in a new organisation and quickly make an impact. She is a great listener who can see the bigger picture and translate customer needs into clear commercial strategies and practical action plans. A great person to work with, Vicky is a professional who works well with a range of stakeholders as well as with external customers, building positive connections and a straightforward 'can do' attitude to all that she is involved with. Very happy to recommend her as a go-to person with all things marketing, customers and engagement." 

Darren Robson, former Director, Association for Coaching

The Body Shop

I worked at The Body Shop for 3 years, where I was responsible for the launch of the membership programme, Love Your Body Club. This programme was across the UK - ensuring the 200+ retail stores were aligned and that all of the internal and external communications and processes worked.

"I had the pleasure of working with Vicky for a few years at The Body Shop, where she led the UK CRM team. Vicky is a CRM specialist, but her broad strategic and leadership skills mean she is well equipped to take on any marketing or customer experience-related challenge. She is thoughtful, focused and insight-driven - skills which were instrumental in the biggest relaunch of our customer loyalty programme in 20 years. Vicky's work enabled us to exceed our targets and was used as best practice around the world."

Sam Thomson, former Marketing & Values Director, The Body Shop


"Vicky is a passionate and diligent CRM professional. During our time at The Body Shop Vicky evolved the CRM programme with a cogent, visionary approach. Comfortable with data models as well as business strategy Vicky led a productive team who progressed the perception of how pivotal customer data and relationship strategy is. A valued member of the team with a quick wit and fun sense of humour."

Adam Plummer, Global Digital Product Experience Director

Vertu Mobile phones

"I have worked with Vicky during my Interim CMO assignment @ VERTU and got to know her as a highly talented CRM & Digital professional who gets under the skin of things – in a world of bits and data, Vicky has the unique ability to combine system- and process- thinking with strategic and tactical meaning-making. An invaluable asset any CMO should have on his or her side. Vicky is hardworking and fun to engage with – I highly commend her knowledge and experience as a professional as well as her ethics and integrity as an individual."

Markus Kramer, former interim CMO at Vertu


"I had the pleasure of working with Vicky for over two years at Vertu. I always found her to be very approachable and willing to support the product team whenever she could. Whether it was hands-on work, or coordinating her team, Vicky always delivered projects and initiatives in a timely and highly professional manner. Vicky also has a tremendous sense of humour, and this, combined with her talents, allows her to run highly motivated teams."

Mark Hill, former Head of Product, Vertu


"Vicky entered into her role at Vertu bringing a much-needed wealth of experience, yet a humility to learn not only about the product but also the existing teams and more importantly the customers. Vicky has been a constant support of the business and me personally, in a shared quest to deliver an extraordinary experience to every customer."

Darren Gillan, former Sales Director, Vertu


"I really enjoyed working closely with Victoria over a two-year period at Vertu, where she was the Head of Digital, CRM and Social Media. During this time, I found her to be nothing less than a highly professional, dedicated and courteous colleague. Victoria was an active member of the marketing team, working effectively across multiple short-term tactical programmes as well as delivering sound longer-term strategies, all of which added significantly to the wider marketing effort."

Jonathan Stanley, former Head of PR, Vertu

Team McLaren

"Working for Vicky has been a pleasure; she was always able to find a way of bringing a relaxed style to what were often complex and difficult issues that needed to be addressed. She was fearless but fair in her views that made for an honest and rewarding working relationship. As a person, Vicky's dry sense of humour meant that you knew a laugh was also always going to be part of any meeting. Fun, professional and rewarding, you can't ask for much more from a client!"

Jake Collier

Porsche Cars

"Vicky was a real pleasure to work with. The delivery of the Porsche Relationship Programme was a challenging and complex project, and I always felt that Vicky intrinsically understood the complexity of the challenges and the detail involved which is invaluable in a client lead. She was a model client, not afraid to ask questions to get to the bottom of things and always very friendly, personable and motivated. Her attention to detail, knowledge of the product, ability to plan and ability to set expectations were key to the success of the project overall. I would work with Vicky anytime." 

Mark Boniface, Director

Honda Cars

"Vicky is a shrewd marketer with an intuitive understanding of Relationship Marketing strategies. One of the joys of working with Honda UK is the calibre of the marketing team and the empowerment they are given. Vicky made use of this environment to the full to drive an innovative retention strategy that is still paying dividends years later."

Andy Hunt-Cooke

"Vicky is an extremely bright and conscientious colleague with a quick wit and great ability to get on with people. Vicky is prepared to speak her mind but does so in a non-intrusive manner and has the great ability to cut through and get things done."

Matt Gibson, former Head of Customer


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