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Rachel feedback on marketing

Trustee feedback: Five minutes with trustee Rachel

feedback marketing May 09, 2021

How did Vicky’s initial marketing audit help you as a trustee?

Vicky’s initial marketing audit was incredibly helpful and gave an objective and considered view, pulled together in a language that we could understand. Without her summary and recommendations, it would have been difficult for the board to move forward. Her report enabled us to get the whole board behind us to move forward.

What do you appreciate most about her overseeing your marketing?

I feel very confident that Vicky knows what she’s doing – as do the other members of the board. She is very professional, competent, thorough and systematic – so we feel confident in her abilities and sure that she is using our resources most appropriately and efficiently.

How would you describe her to someone?

From my experience, Vicky has a great deal of energy, is efficient, and is also very clear about what she’s doing. She is likeable and easy to get on with. The board has really warmed to Vicky – no one hasn’t immediately warmed to her. The board is also clear that the work she does is really good. That’s also true within ION – she comes across as efficient, competent and people respect her. She is very easy to work with

She is likeable and easy to get on with. The board has really warmed to Vicky – there is no-one who hasn’t immediately warmed to her. The board is also clear that the work she does is really good. 

How has working with her impacted you as a trustee?

Vicky is providing us, as trustees, with a regular report of our marketing activities, which she is overseeing for us. And increasingly, we are understanding the effectiveness of each of those marketing activities. As a board, we need to understand where we are spending money and whether we’re getting the effect we are looking to achieve. Vicky’s reports of the activities she is overseeing show how we are allocating resources effectively, which is ultimately what we as a board are there to scrutinise.

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What results did you get from working with her?

Firstly we got the fundamentals in place following Vicky’s initial marketing review – including a vastly improved website as a result of her recommendations. Now we are co-ordinated and organised with a coherent voice and clear message, which we didn’t have before, as well as a joined-up marketing strategy, which Vicky oversees the delivery of. We have regular coordinated communications going out rather than ad hoc communications. The student numbers are the ultimate measure and success factor. To date, in a very difficult year faced with COVID-19, student numbers are holding up.

Who do you think would benefit most from working with her?

I think that small to medium-sized organisations (SMEs), who need to improve their marketing but don’t have a huge amount of dedicated marketing resource, would benefit from working with Vicky. If they need help getting an objective overview of what they are doing, and help with directing them with their ongoing marketing projects and marketing strategy, then she can support them. Organisations either without a whole marketing team or with fragmented, uncoordinated activities or those which need to catch up with the times and understand the impact of marketing activity would all benefit from working with her.

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What would you say to someone who is considering working with her?

I would say that I would definitely recommend Vicky to them. I trust Vicky and her professional judgement.


Rachel is Vice-chair of the trustees at a client Vicky works with. 


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About this marketing project: This was a marketing project supporting a wellbeing organisation, which provides wellbeing services and also train others to be able to provide these services.

What I did: I provided a marketing strategy for the launch of a new product, then helped with ongoing marketing planning and strategy including marketing outsourcing by connecting a partner for SEO/SEM and another for PR. I also trained up an internal team member for direct LinkedIn outreach. I was involved in regular feedback to the board of trustees about the activities.

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