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Steve Chamberlain podcast

Podcast episode 3: The importance of purpose w/ Steve Chamberlain

marketing mindset podcast May 12, 2021

Welcome to this third episode of the Make Your Difference podcast! In this series, I am interviewing founders and leaders of different sized wellness and education businesses and specialist marketers who support them to help them make their difference.

As a purpose coach and a trainer, Steve Chamberlain is a great guest on mindset and also shares his expertise on writing a book and making sure you are aligned to your marketing, amongst other things. 

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About Steve:

Steve Chamberlain is a coach (you can find him at, and on LinkedIn)  who helps others to find and live their purpose - and he explains in the episode how that contributes to their wellbeing. He is also involved in running training and facilitation for corporates, where he works with CEOs, execs and future leaders. He has written a book about his passion subject of purpose called: On Purpose: What are you really here to do?  

Steve's purpose tips from the episode:

Steve has identified his purpose as "helping people to create extraordinary enlightened lives" and has been on his own journey to find his purpose by asking himself key questions that he suggests we should all consider:

  • What are your values?
  • What are your strengths and passions?
  • Where do they intersect?

Steve says that knowing your own purpose can help you to more easily know what to say yes to and to identify what is out of alignment. He sees it as a constant process of evolution, embracing the bigger challenges that unfold, which enable you to let go of stories that aren't serving you as well as limiting beliefs.

He sees having the building blocks that are needed to be clear about your purpose as contributing to wellbeing.

Thoughts about the pandemic:

Steve sees some of the challenges that people are facing as a result of the pandemic as being issues we may have been dealing with anyway, in different ways. The pandemic has just been the trigger.

Steve's mindset tips:

He invites us to take control of our mindset by considering the following question: "What could I choose to believe about myself, about this situation, about the other person, that is true and helpful and that would free me up to show up as my best self?"

Marketing tips:

Steve has several suggestions around marketing, including:

  • Make the most of word of mouth
  • Act in alignment with you you really are
  • Make the most of your website
  • Enable people to get to know you through your copy and by watching videos - they can then work out if you're the right person for them
  • Do marketing that aligns with your energy.

Tips about book writing:

Steve shares his learnings from the writing of his book: On Purpose: What are you really here to do?  

  • Writing the book itself can help you to get clarity
  • A book can open doors as a credibility piece
  • You have the time to write a book if you choose to prioritise it
  • Break it down into the components and take it step by step
  • Before you begin, make sure your book truly adds value.

Final take-aways:

"Life is an adventure. Dare it!"

Steve loves this quote from Mother Theresa. Viewing life as an adventure is a different mindset to approach life from. He asks you to consider: What's the adventure you want to go on and what do you need to leave behind to get there?

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