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Podcast with Carly Keighley

Podcast episode 1: Brand, messaging and fitness w/ Carly Keighley

marketing mindset podcast Apr 21, 2021

Welcome to this first episode of the Make Your Difference podcast! In this series, I am interviewing founders and leaders of different sized wellness and education businesses and specialist marketers who support them to help them make their difference.

Carly Keighley is a great person as my first guest, with experience of running businesses in both wellbeing and marketing. 

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About Carly:

Carly is a branding and messaging expert, with a degree in creative marketing, who has worked in wellbeing for 15 years. She is a qualified personal trainer and has been on her own journey with health. In this episode, she also shares her story of why she started in wellness.

Carly's mindset tips from the episode:

As someone who's run her own business for a long time and gone through various iterations, Carly shares a number of thoughts:

  • Be aware that you need to work on mindset
  • Keep working on mindset - as you would in fitness with a muscle
  • Top recommendations: meditation and mindfulness, getting enough sleep.

Carly's health tips:

As a qualified fitness structure, she has a number of ideas if you're someone who wants to improve their health:

  • Start small!
  • Break it down
  • Take the pressure off yourself - don't be too militant
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Have the right mindset - this is key.

Carly's marketing tips:

Carly's area of expertise is with branding and copy. For those who are starting out with their branding, she has various suggestions:

  • Get your brand right first - your tone of voice and your values - so you're very clear from the start
  • Use your clients' objections
  • Use a human touch - and empathising with your clients - to develop a real connection with them, rather than being too "professional"
  • Use emotions to show you understand them and their problems
  • Know your market very specifically - know in detail who you're talking to
  • Referrals are important
  • Be really clear and intentional - for example with channels such as podcasting.

Avoiding common errors in messaging:

Carly recommends that you make sure you clarify the benefits - the transformation and the results - when you are creating your copy.

Tips for branding and copy:

  • Make it a priority - work on your message and your target market first.
  • Test it
  • Don't judge the effectiveness of your copy by likes and comments.

Final take-aways:

Use integrity, intuition and intention.

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