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Podcast with Rich Stevens

Podcast episode 8: Websites! With Rich Stevens

marketing podcast websites Jul 15, 2021

Welcome to this eighth episode of the Make Your Difference podcast! In this series, I am interviewing founders and leaders of different sized wellness and education businesses as well as specialist marketers who support them to help them make their difference.

Rich Stevens runs a web design business called Anorak Cat. Since almost all organisations need a website, there's plenty to learn from today's episode. Working with organisations to help them find the right partner to create their website is also one of my favourite projects, so I enjoyed speaking with Rich about it.

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About Rich:

The founder of web design agency Anorak Cat, Rich set up his agency 5 years' ago (and I have to apologise, I didn't ask him why his agency was named that!).  With a great eye for design and a passion for customer service, Rich's focus is on supporting businesses with their Wordpress sites.

Find out more about his work at

Why having a professional website matters

Rich gave us a few reasons why he thinks a professional site is important:

  • People form opinions in split seconds 
  • They are working out whether they like and trust you from your website
  • Your website is a chance to communicate with them without any other "noise" - such as you might find on social media and elsewhere
  • It can make a difference as to whether people decide they want to work with you
  • People often look on Google for a solution to their problems.

Where people sometimes go wrong with their website

Here are some ways Rich noted that people can often go wrong with their site:

  • The website doesn't look professional
  • It takes a long time to load
  • It's difficult to navigate
  • The message on their website isn't clear or the content is poorly written
  • The logo doesn't look professional
  • People talk about themselves rather than what their potential audience wants to hear.

What to have in place when creating a website:

Rich mentioned a number of key elements, with being clear on what you want people to do as a result of visiting your site being the most important. Other elements to have in place include:

  • branding
  • strategy - including clear goals for your website
  • content - photography and copy
  • sitemap.

Options for building a website

  • Create it yourself on a DIY platform like Wix or Squarespace or Shopify for Ecommerce
  • If you want support with building your site, trust reviews and referrals and find someone you can trust.

Some pointers are:

  • Keep the content short and simple
  • Plan everything
  • Remember to focus on people's problems which you solve.

When redesigning a website:

  • Understand what isn't working on your current website
  • Use analytics and speak to your target audience
  • Check out competitor websites and challenge yourself to be better
  • Remember that ongoing maintenance is important.

Marketing tips & business habits:

Rich suggested the book "Marketing Made Simple" by Donald Miller and his book "Building a Brand Story". For business habits, he suggests "Getting things done" by David Allen. Other tips:

  • He suggests that you don't talk about your own story but rather talk about how you can help people.
  • Make the next steps really clear - as people get confused if they have too much choice.
  • Work with partners.
  • Remember you don't need to be on every social media platform out there
  • Get things down and capture everything, so you don't need to worry about it.

Final take-aways:

Keep things simple. Don't try to do everything. Start with the minimum and add more in later. 

How can you keep things simple? 

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