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Natalie Rockall podcast

Podcast episode 11: with Natalie Rockall, effective email marketing

email marketing podcast Sep 02, 2021

Welcome to this eleventh episode of the Make Your Difference podcast! In this series, I am interviewing founders and leaders of different sized wellness and education businesses as well as specialist marketers who support them to help them make their difference.

This latest episode of the podcast is with email marketing expert, Natalie Rockall, founder of Total Email Marketing. She worked in my team as the email specialist a number of years ago and has specialised in email ever since, so it was great to catch up with her again and pick her brains on all things email marketing.

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About Natalie:

Natalie is the founder of Total Email Marketing, an organisation that is focused on helping business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing managers boost their results from their email marketing. She has also recently launched a new online course to help people get to grips with email marketing.

Find out more about Total Email Marketing at, discover her course at or connect with Natalie on LinkedIn.

What to remember when thinking about email marketing

Natalie suggests that we need to consider:

  • Having good quality data
  • Making your emails easily scannable - people don't read them in their entirety
  • Including clear calls to action (CTAs) linking to the objective that you're trying to achieve, so that it's easy for people to take the next step.

How email marketing differs from other emails

Natalie shared with us the key differences between email marketing and the emails that we all send and receive too many times per day:

  • You get to see the impact of your email through reporting metrics
  • You can set up automation so that emails can be sent on your behalf.

Why it matters that your email marketing is professional

Email is about presenting your brand so that people recognise and trust you. As inboxes are crowded places, you need to work hard. Remember the need for people to recognise the sender that the email has come from (as shown in a recent DMA report, quoted by Natalie).

What to avoid with email marketing

Blanket emails or what Natalie calls a "spray and pray" approach. People just delete emails that are irrelevant, so make sure to segment your list and only send to relevant people. Other mistakes, Natalie tells us, include not checking emails fully - if you use a checklist, that's much less likely to happen. If you're pulling data into your emails, make sure that you cater for blank fields.

What are the different types of email?

Natalie mentions a number of types including:

  • Acquisition - getting the email address in the first place
  • Conversion - where you convert prospects to customers or taking the action that we want
  • Growth - building the relationship
  • Retention - keeping people engaged and happy, as it costs more to acquire a new customer
  • Reactivate - encouraging people to connect with you again.

She lists specific examples of these in the podcast, if you'd like to know more.

How to get inspired

Sign up for lots of other email marketing lists! Remember that email is part of the whole marketing mix and remember testing!

Upcoming email changes with Apple

Natalie fills us in on what the upcoming Apple changes - that people have been talking about - will mean:

  • Potential over-reporting of opens, where people have an Apple device
  • You need to understand the percentage of your email base on Apple devices
  • Understand what you do with open information - complete an audit and look at whether they are part of your KPIs or your triggers to do resends, or send further emails. So make sure you know if you need to make any changes to your email strategy.

Natalie's thoughts on marketing

Natalie's tips on marketing include the following:

  • Be visible - networking, social media etc
  • Maintain relationships, as recommendations and referrals are valuable
  • Measure the results of your marketing - try lots of different areas and see what works for you and your customers
  • Don't just jump onto the latest shiny new opportunity. Work out if it's right for you.

Her mindset tips:

  • Know your core values, then measure opportunities that come up against these
  • Realise it's OK to do things differently
  • Remember that it's possible to work things in the way that fits your needs and lifestyle. Natalie calls it "blending" your to-do list across personal and work.

Final take-aways:

Remember to send the right email to the right person at the right time. You can find out more about that on Natalie's email course if you're interested. 

How can you improve your email marketing? 

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