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Katy Kurn podcast

Podcast episode 6: Getting your copy just right w/ Katy Kurn

copywriting marketing mindset podcast Jun 18, 2021

Welcome to this sixth episode of the Make Your Difference podcast! In this series, I am interviewing founders and leaders of different sized wellness businesses and specialist marketers who support them to help them make their difference.

Copywriting is something every organisation needs. So I spoke with copywriter and communications specialist, Katy Kurn, who shared her thoughts on how to use copy to get seen and heard by more people. 

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About Katy:

Katy Kurn is a copywriting and communications specialist. (You can find her at ShowOff Communications, and on LinkedIn).   She brings her experience from working in house to smaller organisations, to help them to make their impact.

Katy's thoughts on copywriting from the episode:

Katy has a lot of ideas to share about copywriting for your business. Here are just some of the highlights:

  • Why copy matters: through words, you can tell a story that speaks directly to your ideal customer, and then takes them through that buying journey.
  • Get your ABC right - audience segmentation, brand story, and content plan.
  • Write for your audience - remember you're not writing for yourself, so put yourself in their shoes. Think about how they make their buying decisions.
  • Remember to capture hearts and minds.
  • Do your planning to get over writers' block.
  • Do something a bit unique - be prepared to stand out.
  • Remember that people skim your website - check what is shown above the fold (on the first screen) and whether it's enough to prompt action.
  • Repurpose your content for different channels.

For more on branding and copywriting, check out the episode with Carly Keighley.

Katy's thoughts on outsourcing your copywriting:

As writing is a creative skill, you're not going to like everyone's copy. Do your research. Also, find someone who aligns with the way you want to do business.

Remember to brief your copywriter (and anyone you're outsourcing to, for that matter!) The more you brief, the better!

Katy's mindset and wellbeing tips:

Here are some of Katy's thoughts on mindset:

  • Say no to things that don't align with what you stand for - follow what feels right for you
  • Remember to take downtime and permission to relax
  • Daily meditation can be helpful
  • Self-care Sundays are her way to regularly treat herself.

Marketing tips:

Karen has run her business for many years now. Writing a book has made a big difference to her but she also shares other tips including:

  • Consistency is key - get to the point where people miss you if you don't turn up on your schedule
  • Remember to be different
  • Don't expect overnight success online - it takes time
  • Don't copy what others are doing - you can use it for inspiration
  • Keywords are important but think of SEO as getting across to your ideal customer what they need to know.

Final take-aways:

Katy tells us "Step into the shoes of your audience and think like them." Think about what would prompt them to choose you.

Are you ready to get going with your copywriting? 

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