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Podcast with Allison Marlowe

Podcast episode 7: Allison Marlowe - The Art of Pause

mindset podcast Jul 01, 2021

Welcome to this seventh episode of the Make Your Difference podcast! In this series, I am interviewing founders and leaders of different sized wellness and education businesses as well as specialist marketers who support them to help them make their difference.

Allison Marlowe has been running her own business for many years, so has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. If you ever find yourself too busy to take a break, then you'll be interested in her message about the importance of pausing. She also talks to us about how trauma (with a little "t") affects us all.

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About Allison:

The founder of The | Art | of | Pause, Allison brings a sensory focused approach using the intelligence of the body to release layers of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion and trauma. So what exactly does this mean? Allison draws on a range of practices – including Yoga Nidra, a sleep-based meditation, to help her clients to slow down and embrace the full range of human emotions and savour the experience of being fully alive. I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I don’t always find it the easiest to slow down, which is why I find Allison’s approach so helpful.

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Why pausing matters

  • We don't get the same quality of sleep as in the past
  • Pausing is productive - we are conditioned to be busy, and some of us are addicted to it. Like a car, we need to occasionally pull in and refuel.
  • Pausing brings us back to presence
  • Sometimes we avoid pausing so we don't have to face things - but pausing allows us to heal on a number of levels
  • Check in with what your body is telling you - don't ignore the signs
  • Be aware of your window of capacity - find the resources you already have to stay within the window (not over or under aroused)
  • If you pause and take care of yourself, you're more able to be of service to others.

Suggestions around trauma:

People often underestimate what counts as trauma - it can be as simple as the body feeling that things are happening too soon, too fast or too much - making us feel overwhelmed. What makes it traumatic is the response of the nervous system.

Your response to a situation could be linked to what's happened to you in the past, rather than just a response to the situation you find yourself in now. Something may be triggered in the nervous system to make that traumatic.

Allison's tips on finding your path:

Allison shared a number of useful pointers including:

  • Rather than just coming from a cognitive perspective, check in with your body
  • Avoid making comparisons with others - that can be very distracting
  • Get connected to your own vision
  • Define what success means to you - rather than to anyone else
  • Don't be going at such a speed that you can't enjoy the journey, or notice the opportunities that are cropping up around you.

Marketing tips - what to do before your marketing strategy:

Rather than talk through typical marketing strategies, Allison made some useful suggestions that she proposes should come before creating your marketing strategy:

  • Take care of yourself and get the right support - having your finger in every pie is time-consuming, and we can't be good at everything
  • Trust your intuition and listen to your body - take a break when you need one
  • Enjoy the process! Life is meant to be joyful.

Final take-aways:

Add buffer time into your diary, so that you can reconnect and ground yourself - and take a moment to pause.

How can you add more opportunities to add moments of pause into your day? 

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