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Marketing services: so what does this actually mean?

customer experience marketing Mar 05, 2021

Marketing support services

We offer a range of marketing support services and each solution is tailored to you and your organisation. So what does this actually look like, in practice, you might ask? Here are some examples:

  • Working with a single point of contact for your marketing
  • Getting support in recruiting the right team to support you (whether internal or external or a blended team)
  • Having a senior marketer to support you with your strategy and planning
  • Having access to the right mix of marketing support services, depending on what you need from month to month.

There are some specific project types that we have included here, to give you a bit of a taste of the kinds of things we can support you with:


Website projects

We always enjoy website projects. This can be anything from creating a brand new website from scratch or supporting the roll-out of a new website. Or helping get a website project across the line that's got stuck or slowed down in getting completed.

We get involved in everything from supplier selection, to input into the design and imagery, to managing photographers to get the right new shots, to writing the copy, working out the user experience (UX) and testing the site.

If you are short on time, web projects can be difficult to bring to completion, as they can be quite labour intensive. We often hear from people who have great ideas for their website but haven't yet had the time to complete them amongst all their other responsibilities. By bringing us on board, you can focus on continuing with the "business as usual" elements and keeping the organisation running, while we make sure your website is just right for you and meets your objectives.

Your website is such a key shop front for your organisation, it's important to get it right. That's something we can support you with.


Marketing communications & copywriting

Getting your marketing communications and copywriting right can be tricky. Getting the right tone of voice, the right messaging and making sure that all of your communications fit together is something we can support you with.

Sometimes the organisations we meet get busy executing their marketing communications but don't take the time to take a step back and look at the strategy behind them. Are they all fit for purpose? Do they work for your different audiences? Do they create a consistent experience? Working on this can help to make sure they work well together.

Whether you want help with your marketing communications strategy or more tactical support with specific marketing communications channels such as email marketing, social media, web copy, blogs, printed materials or other marketing copywriting, we can support you.

Your marketing communications and copy is all part of your voice. We can help you to make sure that voice is working for you.

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Membership marketing

Membership marketing is an area we've been fortunate enough to work in several times. So we know that getting your membership experience right is important. From the moment when people first hear about your membership programme right through to when existing members are thinking about renewing, each stage of the membership journey needs to be carefully managed.

Recruiting and retaining the right number and type of new members is a key part of running a membership programme. This is something we can support you with. Keeping the membership fresh needs balancing with making sure that the right elements are maintained, to keep existing members happy.

Whether you need to carry our research with your existing or prospective members or whether you need your membership journey re-assessing or re-shaping, we can support you. Sometimes it helps to have an external pair of eyes on your membership to help you to optimise it. That's something we can help you with.


Customer experience

Getting outside support to look at your customer experience can be very helpful. Sometimes it's hard to keep tabs on the overall experience, making sure that all of the touchpoints work together to give a consistent journey to your clients or customers.

There are different elements, from looking at the strategy through to reviewing the different elements of the experience.

Do you make sure that your loyal customers feel valued? Do you know whether that is actually working? How do you make new prospects feel about your organisation? And how about new customers or clients?

Mapping out the customer experience and measuring it is a key part to make sure that your acquisition, satisfaction, recommendations and loyalty are working in the best way possible.


Marketing outsourcing

So if you want to get more marketing completed without more hassle for you, marketing outsourcing can be a great idea. We can help you to create the right team to support you - whether that's one person or a whole team. And that team can be flexed, depending on your priorities and needs.

The outsourced team can work alongside your internal team, if you have one. This creates an extended team, including experts in the different areas where you need support.

Which areas of your marketing would you benefit from help with?


Marketing coaching and mentoring

Sometimes when internal marketers lack a range of senior marketers to help them grow, it can be harder to get to where they need to be. Your internal team can benefit from external support in the form of coaching and mentoring to help them bridge that gap. Having a senior marketer as a sounding board, for accountability and to help.

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At Make Your Difference we are here to make sure that you can make your difference most easily and effectively possible. This includes supporting you with your marketing projects, making it easier for you to get things done that will help you to make your impact.

Organisations we support include:

  • SMEs
  • training and coaching organisations
  • non profit organisations
  • health and wellness companies.

If you'd like to know more, then book a time to speak with us >>

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