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Customer experience - adding details that matter

customer experience Mar 20, 2021

As someone who has always had a focus on putting the customer at the heart of marketing activities, I enjoy finding examples of those little details that help to contribute to a well thought out customer journey and customer experience. Here's one I thought I'd share:

Meet Prime Cashews Ltd

My expectations from the order of a tub of cashew butter were not particularly high. Perhaps that was my mistake! I had read the feedback about the product and that was my prime concern and so was happily placing an order with them for the first time, based on others' experiences with the product quality.

So when the package arrived and I found some little details that made a difference to the customer experience, I thought I’d share them and introduce you to Prime Cashews Ltd. (Organisations that are going the extra mile deserve some kudos after all!)

Details that add to the customer experience

This was the first time I had ordered from this organisation, so I enjoyed reading the thank you note accompanying the purchase - not something that comes along with the food items I usually purchase! Most importantly, it enabled me to feel a positive connection to them and understand their values.

The note was short and to the point but helped me to find out about Prime Cashews Ltd in a number of ways - for example:

  • it's a 50% black-owned business,
  • it's 80% women,
  • they use recyclable packaging where possible,
  • there are health benefits to the product...
  • plus lots of other details.

The end result was feeling pleased to be connected to the organisation, impressed that they'd time to go above and beyond and happy to shop with them again. Job done!

Packaging details add to the experience too

The attention to detail with the packaging also added to a feeling of quality and a personal touch. They didn't drive the same level of connection to the organisation but made me understand some of the values of the organisation. 


Vicky has worked on customer experience  projects, building on her knowledge and experience gained from supporting well-known brands like McLaren F1, Porsche Cars and The Body Shop.

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