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Jonathan Feedback on marketing

Marketing feedback: Five minutes with Jonathan

feedback marketing Mar 26, 2021

How would you describe the work I have done with you, what has been involved?

You helped us to get our website completed and got us going with our marketing much quicker than we’d have been able to do without you.

What would you say are my strengths?

I enjoyed working with you – the thing we really appreciated was having access to your expertise. As we’re a relatively small company, we don’t have a marketing function, so it’s difficult to work out how everything interacts with each other. When you’re buying services, you don’t necessarily know what’s what. So it was great to have you onboard to show us the ropes and you came with your team of experts, which was really good. That was great, getting insights into the brand, such as how to approach the market. I really valued your advice and the experts you work with were good value – it was all really really good.

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Where did you get to by the end of our project together?

We had changed direction as a business but you had got us to where we wanted to be – we knew what we’d tasked you to do and you’d done all of it.

What do you appreciate most about working with me?

The expertise that you have is the thing I appreciated most – for me personally, I am a relative newbie to marketing. I have been involved in running a business for a few years but never been involved in marketing, so having someone with experience and perspective of working with a range of organisations both big and small and who knows how marketing game works inside and out was very valuable. 

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What do you appreciate most about the network of marketers – designers, copywriters, SEO and paid support – that I work with on your behalf?

The design work was a really quick turnaround. The social media was good, as you got that all set up for us as well as linking it to HubSpot. For the blogs, you came up with some good ideas for ways to make that more interesting and about us as people a bit more. The lead gen gave us chance to get exposure to calling and emailing without having to go the whole hog of hiring someone to do it.

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What do you think you have achieved that you wouldn’t have without my support?

Without you and your team we certainly wouldn’t have got the website completed so quickly and so we wouldn’t have been reaching out to people as we were at that stage – it enabled us to get going, to start researching, get out onto social, start posting and direct outreach – we were heading to the place where we could have done a webinar if we had wanted to – we wouldn’t have been anywhere near that if you weren’t involved.

How would you describe me and my work to someone?  

You operate very professionally, you're very reliable, we never doubted that would do what said would do – we had regular meetings and the communication was really good as well.

Who do you think would benefit most from working with me?

It worked well for us as we could buy in expertise that we don’t have on a consultancy basis, so we didn’t have to employ a senior marketing person on the payroll, instead, we could test it out with an external marketer. I’d imagine doing it on a larger scale would work well too – I imagine you’d work well with a lot of different organisations.

As I say, it worked well for us – we would have needed a marketing person and we wouldn’t have been able to employ someone with your expertise or experience, so it worked really well in that respect. That’s certainly the benefit that we derived; that strategic oversight of the whole marketing process and knowing what we should be doing and what we should be spending our time on and what we shouldn’t.

What would you say to someone who is considering working with me?

It was a positive experience for us. So if you ever need a reference for someone who is considering working with you, then let me know. I’d be more than happy to recommend you.

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This was a marketing project involving marketing to organisations with large spaces to support them with their health and safety, through the use of a sensor to accurately count the number of people into and out of any space, and easily communicating this via an app. This helped people to move around more safely under the restrictions due to Covid-19.

What we did: we provided a marketing strategy, then helped to get the website complete in time for launch, helped with communications (blog writing, social media), and helped with marketing outsourcing by connecting a partner for SEO/SEM and for direct outreach.

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